AMA: Microblading Training School Terms & Conditions

AMA Microblading Academy

Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy
A $900 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your seat in our class. The remaining payment is due on the first day of training in the form of credit/debit, or cashier check made to AMA Microblading Academy.

Cancellation Policy
If you are unable to attend your class after you’ve made your deposit, you may transfer your deposit toward a future class date. If you intend to pay for the class in full before the class starts, this full payment is non-refundable.

AMA Microblading Academy provides a Certificate of Attendance after your class. This certificate indicates that you have attended our class and have learned the AMA Microblading Techniques and Method. The Student is required to submit their homework for feedback & allow the instructor 48 hours to respond. The Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you only when you have completed all the required requirements and have successfully proven to be an Artist of the highest standard in Eyebrow Microblading using AMA Brows Microblading Techniques & Method.

Tattoo License
It is the student’s responsibility to investigate all licensing, apprenticeship, insurance and state/city or local requirements for the practice of microblading in the area in which she/he intends to work. AMA Microblading Academy is only responsible for teaching the techniques of microblading & does not guarantee the training meets student’s insurance or State requirements to offer and perform these services. Additional training hours, at the cost of the student, may be needed to meet such requirements. For New Jersey students, you must obtain a 100 hour Permanent Cosmetics Fundamental training to meet your state requirements.

Unlimited Training
AMA Microblading Academy provides a lifetime support and unlimited training to our students free of charge.  Students who wish to retake the training must inform us 2 weeks prior to the training date and is responsible to bring their own models and will not receive a new student kit. 

Job Placement
AMA Microblading Academy will not guarantee job placement to the graduates after the training is complete. However, we will forward any job boards or contact information of the employers that request to hire AMA microblading graduates. At AMA Academy, you can advance your career with us by becoming an AMA Assistant or Instructor. Qualification for the job is based on your work and years of experience.

Marketing Materials
AMA Microblading Academy does not create website or marketing brochures, but we will give our students the copyright to use AMA before & after photos for their marketing purposes with AMA permission and approval.

Training materials will be given out in the class.  All training materials are copyrighted and may not be used for training of a third party or be reproduced, in any form.

AMA Microblading Academy does not issue a refund for any reasons. However, if a student cancels due to an unforeseen emergency, AMA Microblading may offer student a date in the future to complete the training. By participating in AMA training programs, you hereby verify that you validly registered for the class; we reserve the right to recover all the funds from you directly for any chargebacks from your credit card company and to recover reasonable attorney’s fees incurred to collect the payments validly owed to us and to dispute your chargeback. We reserve the right to report any chargeback incident to all credit reporting agencies, or to any other collection agencies, which may negatively impact your credit score.

Class date
AMA Microblading Academy will do our best to keep our schedule. However, class dates are subject to change based on the number of students registered. In order for AMA to hold a class, we must have at least 5 students, in the case that we have less than 5 students, we will move registered students to the next future class. We will ensure to inform students of the change in the schedule as soon as possible. 

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens
Students must bring the certificate of bloodborne pathogens prior to day 3. Students are aware of the risks involved in performing procedures as part of this training class.  Immunizations will not be verified by AMA Academy as it is solely the student’s responsibility to obtain any desired immunizations, including the Hepatitis B series of immunizations prior to the first day of the class.

Travel & Accommodations
Student is responsible for her/his own lodging and travel accommodations. Students must be present for the entire class and participate in all aspects of the class. The class will begin at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. Students will plan accordingly to account for traffic and parking.

Students must wear scrubs or fitted clothes, closed toes, hair up & off the face when working on live model on Day 3. Preferably black scrubs/tops since working with tattoo pigments/inks.

Picture/Video During Class 
Student must express permission for any and all other video and/or photographs taken while at the facility during the class demo & live models on Day 3.

Student agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the facility where the class will be held. Drug or alcohol use is strictly prohibited. Any behavior deemed unprofessional or viewed as a disruption to the learning environment, instructor, fellow students and/or models may be asked to leave premises and forfeit any further training without refund or rescheduling the training.