Meet the AMA Team

Lily Thien

AMA Founder/Master Microblading Instructor/Licensed Esthetician Instructor/SPCP

Lily Thien is the founder and CEO of AMA – Allure Microblading Academy. She is a certified microblading master, a member of SPCP, and a licensed esthetician instructor by the State of Texas.  Lily graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering. Her passion in the beauty industry started at a young age while working as an Esthetician & PMU Artist at her family’s medical spa. After 20 years working as SAP Management Consultant for one of the big 5 consulting firms, at the same time working as PMU artist/Esthetician along with managing her family medical spa business, she followed her passion in the beauty industry and started her own business in 2015.  She developed her own microblading techniques and started teaching since then. As an Esthetician Instructor and PMU/Microblading Instructor, Lily takes pride in her work and ensures that her final product is a masterpiece.  She has very high expectations for her students & ensures her students are equipped to succeed on their own. Today, she has successfully managed AMA Academy and trained hundreds of Microblading Artists across the U.S. She is one of the most experienced Microblading Trainers in the industry.


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Microblading according to our Master Instructor Lily Thien:

Microblading is pure art and requires a lot of practice to master it. I am a perfectionist and don’t like to see bad brows done on someone’s face. It makes me mad when I see sub par work being done out there. My standards are very high & I expect the same from my students.

Any clients walking into my studio, they must walk out with a beautiful set of brows. Period. Most of my clients burst into tears when they saw the results. It gives me a huge sense of joy & accomplishment to see their happy tears. You want to be able to give beautiful brows to each & every client that walks into your studio, but in order to get there, it takes months of consistent practice (sometimes even years to perfect that skill). I want my graduates to provide the same to their clients.

Some schools will give out certificate of completion immediately after the course, to me, this is irresponsible. You don’t want to practice on someone’s face and give them bad brows. You need to acquire the correct skills & techniques first. This doesn’t happen over a 3 day or 5 day course. It takes months and months of extensive, dedicated practice to get there. Before I give out a certificate of completion to my students, they must be able to prove that they have acquired the correct skills & techniques and that they can create beautiful, natural looking brows according to AMA’s standards. 

A skillful microblading artist should create the most natural and realistic looking brows in such a way that you cannot tell between real hairs or the applied strokes. The same brow shape or stroke pattern should not be applied to all clients. Microblading brows is not a carbon copy procedure; it should be uniquely fit with client natural brows and their facial structure. AMA’s dedication to higher quality standards, attention to detail, you and your future growth is what continues to set AMA apart from other schools. With our lifetime support and continuous education, we will help you get to where you want to be.

When you complete each model or client ask yourself this, “Would you be proud to show off that work? Would you want to have the same brows on your own face? and would you pay hundreds of dollars for it?” Your answer should always be…YES! If it’s not, then keep practicing. You will get there and you’ll be so proud of yourself when you do! – Lily Thien

Kristine Le

AMA Microblading Instructor

Kristine’s passion for beauty started back in 1996 w Toni & Guy Hairdressers in Houston Texas, where she first worked as a colorist. Started as a technician and grew to be a  Technical Chemical Director Level V and educator for Toni & Guy Baybrook. Since then, she has narrowed her beauty practice to exclusively to lash extensions and microblading. Her work is driven by her passion to promote all forms of beauty and aspire others. As someone who’s been in the beauty industry for over a decade, nothing to her is more satisfying than making someone feel n look gorgeous. She took microblading class with Lily Thien back in 2017 and has been with AMA since then. Being an instructor allows her to share her knowledge n experience with others. Her goal as an instructor is to give my students the most up to date knowledge so that they can be the best they can be.  Seeing the confidence that she gives each one of my students n the smiles we give to the clients after every procedure is the reason I teach….”I’m truly blessed to be able to say that I love what I do.”

Jacqueline Sansone

AMA Microblading Instructor Assistant

My name is Jacqueline Sansone, I live in Johnstown Colorado, I have been married for almost 20 years, and I’m a mother of a 15 year old girl and 8 year old boy. I started my Journey with AMA Microblading back in February of 2020, shortly after went to Cosmetology school to become a hairstylist. I am now a licensed Cosmetologist, and a certified PMU Microblading Artist in Colorado. I have my own studio Allure Beauty by Jacqueline where I am able to create and educate my clients with beautiful brows, and beautiful hair. I love what I do, I get excited every time I see my work unfold, and I let my true artistic ability out when it comes to creating the perfect brow for someone. I am confident in what I do, and deliver flattering, attractive, and desirable most alluring look for my clients! I am 100% dedicated and passionate about hair and permanent makeup, and providing the best technique with dignity, honesty, and integrity!

Dixy Larios

AMA Administrative & Sales Coordinator

I’m an administrator assistant & sales coordinator for AMA microblading academy for 2yrs and a mother of 3 beautiful kids which complete me. It is always a pleasure to be able to work for an amazing team which are hardworking, loyal and dedicated to all students and staff. I enjoy being able to assist daily with all student inquiries. My plans and goals are to grow within the company and become another one of AMA’s top microblading artist and lash tech.  At AMA, you become a certified top microblading artist but you also become family I can say this because this is what I have seen within the company that is why I have chosen AMA. Dixy took class with Lily Thien and has been with AMA since 2017.

Yoli Cotray

AMA Microblading Instructor Assistant

Yoli Cotray is a New York City based Makeup, Brow & Lash Lift Artist with 19+ years of experience in the Beauty Industry. With her unique vision and artistic abilities mastered to a precision, she’s gained a reputation for having that special je ne sais quoi. Her natural talent and professionalism has kept her in high demand over the years. She aspired to be a makeup artist since the age of 4, and prides herself on being able to actualize beautiful creative looks and eye brow shapes determining the look best suitable for each and every individual. By examining her clients facial features and bone structure, she uses passion and her expertise harmoniously to enhance one’s visual perception of themselves, as well as the confidence they feel from within. Yoli is a certified Microblading Artist by AMA.

Stephanie Castellanos

AMA Marketing & Business Administration

Stephanie was born in Los Angeles, CA but raised in the Houston area, Stephanie is a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and role model. As a young single mother, adversity has taught her to be a vision caster for her career, education, and personal goals. With over 8 years of leadership experience and a keen ability to identify and develop talent, Stephanie has excelled at building energetic, results-oriented teams for companies such as Chick-fil-A and Girl Scouts. Her work experience, plus a BBA from Wayland Baptist University and an Executive Master of Hospitality Management from the University of Houston, has allowed her to successfully utilize her business expertise in multiple fields.

Behind the scenes Stephanie has always had a passion for the permanent makeup industry which led her to discover Allure Microblading Academy. Upon completing microblading training last year, Stephanie has been strategically planning her transition from hospitality management into the permanent makeup industry full-time. Stephanie is excited to be announced as the newest member of the AMA Team as she works alongside industry leaders to strengthen her skillset not only as a microblading artist, but also as business leader in permanent makeup.