Advanced Training Courses

If you’re ready to take the next step in advancing your cosmetic career, Allure Microblading Academy (AMA) in Houston, Texas offers a variety of Advanced Training Courses to help you get ahead! Although we are best known for being the most recognized and trusted microblading academy in the United States, our qualified and licensed instructors focus on education in a variety of other areas. In our efforts to provide lifetime support for our students and to further our mission of continuous education, our AMA organization offers several unique courses.

Advanced Training Courses

If you’re interested in becoming a tattoo artist or are looking to make a career in permanent makeup, learn more about our Advanced Courses below that are only available in Houston. AMA offers the tools and resources you need to be successful — learn more and claim your spot today!

One-Day Tattoo Removal

When it comes to permanent makeup in cosmetology, it’s important to have the right education and professional practice. AMA’s instructors are dedicated and passionate about helping students feel confident in their skills and preparing them for a future of being a permanent makeup artist. Give yourself a future filled with possibilities by enrolling in our One-Day Tattoo Removal advanced course, perfect for students who envision themselves specializing in tattoos. While most of the tattoo business is centered around the application, our microblading academy can help you tap into the more unknown side of the market — tattoo removal.

Enroll in our One-Day Tattoo Removal course to add even more skills to your repertoire and to set yourself up for success! Learn more about how you can enroll in this advanced course, which is only offered in Houston!

AMA Machine Stroke

Speaking of permanent makeup courses, AMA provides several other courses related to tattoos and their application. Among our advanced courses offered exclusively in Houston is our Machine Stroke course, which is similar to traditional microblading but slightly more advanced. Where traditional microblading involves the semi-permanent application of pigment onto the skin, specifically around the eyebrows, our machine stroke class takes the same concept and takes it a step further. Enrolling with AMA gives you as a budding permanent makeup artist or microblader the chance to provide longer-lasting results through the use of machine strokes to clients with different skin types. 

Learn more about the difference between microblading and machine strokes by browsing our AMA blog and enroll in this advanced course today!

3D Areola Training

Moving back into the subset of cosmetology having to do with tattoos, AMA offers a specialized course for students who are interested in increasing their ability to service clients. In addition to our One-Day Tattoo Removal, AMA also offers — exclusively in Houston — 3D Areola Training. This permanent makeup practice is designed to recreate the natural look of the areola through a non-surgical, tattoo-like procedure; designed to benefit women who have survived breast cancer and other similar individuals, 3D Areola Training gives you the chance to apply medical tattoos onto patients who need and want them.

Contact AMA today to learn more about how you can take advantage of this advanced course!

Enroll With Allure Microblading Academy in Houston

The Allure Microblading Academy (AMA) is dedicated to producing professional individuals who are more than capable of providing natural-looking permanent and semi-permanent makeup to clients. Increase your marketability as a cosmetologist or esthetician by enrolling in one of our Advanced Courses, offered exclusively in Houston. Whether you are a tattoo artist, an established permanent makeup artist or a beginner, we will give you all the training you need to become a successful microblading expert.