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The pros and cons of permanent makeup method

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August 21, 2019
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September 4, 2019

Every kind of makeup you choose must have its advantages and its advantages too. This is the most important thing to know for you to be familiar with whatever may come next. Once you know this you can gauge now which side you can lean on, a choice that you should make by yourself, to make such choice you have to be fed with a lot of relevant information.

Choosing permanent makeup is one of the biggest choices you can ever make in life because it is a permanent thing, it is not some kind of a trial you are doing here because it will be there to stay. This is the reason why you should know the advantages and the disadvantages of this method here. If you are just about to choose your make up and you are stuck, don’t you worry, I will take you through this section step by step.


Pros of permanent makeup;

  • It is convenient

Permanent makeup is quite convenient; in fact this is the major reason why many people would run for it. With this method, you wouldn’t bother yourself standing before your mirror every morning wiping off and redoing your makeup to make it perfect. Permanent makeup makes it quite convenient and easy, you also can’t be affected by sweat especially if you have done it on your eyebrows and if it is done by a professional esthetician who has permanent makeup training.

  • It is time saving.

Am sure you know how bad it feels to delay everyone just because your makeup is not behaving properly because it might be so hard to wear the makeup when you are in hurry. Do you remember how many times you have been late in your, important meeting, or class, or appointment, or you might have even lost our job because you were late just trying to put on your makeup. It doesn’t sound so cool; this is why the permanent makeup is so advantageous, it saves lots of your time because there is no more time spent for wearing the makeup.

  • It does not wipe off.

The worst part about a makeup is when it wipes off at the time you really don’t expect, it might be accidentally in a commotion or you just swiped your hand and it passed over your make up. The scenario of rushing to the washroom to put it back is so frustrating. Well, the advantage of permanent makeup is that you will not experience such a thing, not even once. With this, you won’t get afraid of your makeup wiping off so you are free, you can dance, run and jump but nothing happens, your makeup just remains intact, no more wiping and no more smearing all over your face.

  • It makes you confident.

The main reason why we all rush for our mirrors when we get breaks while in meeting, is the lack of confidence, and there is nothing wrong with that because for sure makeup can sometimes mess you up, you just applied it nice and smooth but you just messed up a little, it can be frustrating when you realize your friends are gossiping about it, it really smashes your confidence. This is why permanent makeup is so advantageous, there are no such situations that can shutter your confidence you will always be confident when you interact with people.


The cons of permanent makeup;

  • It is permanent.

Well, permanent can be an advantage but it can be a disadvantage on the other hand. Removal of this kind of makeup is as hard as impossible, it will really take a lot of time to do that, a lot of money and it is quite painful. This is because the ink used penetrates really deep into the skin. Many people don’t even think of reversing this because of the pain and the cost it is involved with.

  • You can get infections.

The tools used in this method are not a one-time use tools, they are used from one person to another, if not handled well these tools can cause infections to you, there are common infections like hepatitis, skin infections and even HIV. To deal with this, the tools must be thoroughly sterilized before being used, if that is neglected, you risk getting an infection. This is why you will need to find an esthetician who has good permanent makeup training to carry out this process.

  • Allergy

The way our bodies react to different things is quite different. A substance can be fine with one person and react very differently on another person. In permanent makeup, there is an induction of  ink which stays permanently in the skin, if the skin develops allergy to this ink then it can be very dangerous because it is there permanently, it means the effect will be there forever which can affect your life completely. To deal with this you will have to consult an esthetician on how to find out if your body is allergic first just to make sure you are safe from developing allergic reactions.

  • You can develop scars.

Some people are so prone to developing scars on every small scratch, if you are such a person, you might have problems with this method, this is because you can develop scars when the tattoo is finished, you can imagine having scars on your eyebrows, it might be quite frustrating. If you are prone to scars and you insist on this method, then you will need to find an esthetician who has good knowledge and has gone through a permanent makeup training to be safe with carrying on.