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How to start your career in permanent makeup?

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August 7, 2019
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August 21, 2019

PMU or permanent makeup is a recent technique that has been introduced into the beauty industry. These are manual methods that allow people to enhance, alter and recreate their eyebrows, eyes, and lips. The technique provides results that are long-lasting and natural-looking.

PMU is right now one of the highest paying jobs in the beauty industry. As more and more people are wanting to get permanent makeup, the demand has been skyrocketing. A PMU technician can easily earn between €30000 and €67000. This makes it a lucrative career option. Thus by undergoing permanent makeup training, you can grab hold of this amazing opportunity.


What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup uses various techniques to inject pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. While this might seem similar to cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup’s ink has a different composition and it is not injected as deep. This method produces amazing long-lasting results. The two most common permanent makeup techniques are as follows



Ultra-thin needles are used to insert pigments into the skin of the client. These pigments are hypoallergenic to prevent possible allergic reactions. In this technique, the needle is used to place dots to provide a gradual look. The technique can be used to give your eyes, lips, and eyebrows a more natural and fuller look. This can also be used to give abstract shades of color to make your look more dashing. The procedure is virtually painless and only takes a few hours of the time your time. Most people come back for a top session in a few weeks if you want a few changes made or improve the color.



This while being relatively new, is still older than micropigmentation. Fine blades are used along with pigments to draw thin lines that resemble human hair. This technique is used especially for eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thin from tweezing and threading, this technique can help you get back your beautiful eyebrows. It can make one’s eyebrows be shaped more nicely, give it a more full look and better color. The eyebrows can be shaped as per the client’s desire and it is possible to achieve many designs. This technique can last anywhere between one to three years. The duration depends on your skin condition, the beauty products you use and your lifestyle.


How big are the PMU career opportunities?

PMU is the latest thing to hit the beauty industry. As more and more people become aware of it and start seeking PMU professionals, the demand for them only grows. Right now on average a single PMU session can cost $500. If you are able to provide superior quality work, people pay even $500 for each hour. Thus it is possible for a professional to easily earn over $30000 per month excluding the cost of consumables.


Why do people prefer permanent makeup to normal makeup?

Permanent makeup offers many advantages to normal makeup:

  • It can save you the time you daily spend on applying makeup
  • It gives you a better version of yourself
  • It will last for many years
  • It is smudge and smears free
  • As the pigments are hypoallergenic, people who are susceptible to allergies can use them without the fear of an allergic reaction.
  • Most of the techniques are painless, even if they are painful, local anesthesia is applied to make sure you don’t feel any pain.
  • It can provide you with any look you want. Whether you want a subtle natural look or a striking abstract look, PMU techniques can provide you with them.
  • These techniques can be used on all skin types, irrespective of the persons’ age and skin texture.
  • It doesn’t smudge or smear when you take part in physical activities. Thus it is highly advantageous for people who take part in a lot of sports and want to look fabulous while doing so
  • It can help disguise scars and loss of color on the lips
  • Eliminates the need for constant touch-ups during the day.


Where can I get trained?

There are many recognized and trusted training institutes for permanent makeup training across the globe. Enrolling in any one of them will mean you get proper training and certification which will get you started on the PMU career path. Even if you are not able to find an institute right next to you, you can take part in courses online. These courses teach you with the basics while a few even provide you with a basic kit so that you can start practicing. The courses last between 4 days and one week and cost about $4.5K to $7K


What do these training programs teach you?

These programs teach you the basic requirements for a PMU technician. You will be taught the safety and sanitation procedures. You will learn to handle the various pieces of equipment PMU requires. You will learn various eyebrow and eyelash designs and know how you can obtain them. They will also teach you how to handle various skin types and conditions. They will also teach you about warning people with medical conditions which prevent them from getting permanent makeup. Most importantly you will be taught the various techniques of PMU like microblading and micropigmentation. Thus when you have completed the course you will be trained in the basics of PMU and can take the first step on your career.

The best investment you can make is yourself. Thus while the cost of permanent training programs might be expensive, you can make the money back in a few weeks. So join these training programs and start investing in yourself. That will be the most crucial step in beginning your career on permanent makeup.