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How is permanent make up different from Microblading?

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July 31, 2019
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When it comes to beauty field, there is a lot you will need to know for you to make a better decision which is fit for you. Currently you can’t find any beauty procedure that is just alone in the market, you will always find alternatives and choosing between the varieties can be challenging since everyone would want to market their own, to make sure that they are the most selling. However, what you need is the information that will be beneficial to you, which is not bias to any side. Well, you don’t need to get worried because I can absolutely help you with that.

Microblading and permanent makeup are both techniques used to create artificial eyebrow, however, they have a lot of differences in their methods of placing and the products used, even the results achieved, if you don’t have any idea about these different methods, you can get confused by your beautician who lure you into choosing a method that will suit them in terms of their earning not by your preferences. I will be taking you through the differences between these two techniques just to keep you on board; these are in terms of;

  • How durable are they?

Durability is what people will always look at when they need to purchase any goods or services. This is basically the duration that will take for the method you are using to fade off. They have a difference due to methods used in application. For permanent makeup, you can tell form the name that they are permanent, they can take like forever to fade off, once you put on this method there is no reverse this is because there is the use of ink which is induced deep to the dermis hence it cannot fade, it should only be done by a person who has a permanent makeup training. For the microblading method, it is semi-permanent; this means the products used can fade off after sometime, it might take a while but eventually they will fade off this is because this method just uses a pigment that is induced on the upper part of the skin. This is the first main difference between these two methods you will need to keep in mind when you want to make a choice.

  • Depth of application

This explains how deep or superficial the applied pigment can go into the skin, this is very important because it determines the duration which the pigment can last on the skin.  The machine used to achieve the permanent makeup methods induces the used ink in the deeper part of the skin, which would be in the lowest part of the dermis; this brings about the permanent situation. However you can also do touching up, but this can be done after like four years or even more. For the microblading, the pigment used is induced in the upper part of the skin; this is the reason for its superficiality. It then means it can be removed after some years, the superficiality aspect brings about the natural look. When you have to choose between these two methods you should examine critically this point

  • The pain involved.

This section explains how each method can be painful; pain is so sensitive when it comes to choice of which method to use. The permanent makeup involves a lot of pain when it comes to comparing it with microblading method. This is because, unlike in microblading, there is no sue of numbing cream which acts as an anesthetic agent. For the microblading method, the numbing cream is applied on the eyebrow skin just minutes before the whole process begins; this helps to alleviate pain in the whole process. However, if you find a qualified technician who has a good permanent makeup training it can be less painful.

  • The products used.

Both of these methods use very different products to induce the color on the eyebrows, these products brings different results for both methods. When you choose the permanent makeup, there will be use of ink. The ink is able to penetrate to the very deep parts of the skin. Two, the ink can fade off into some different color which is undesirable, this is why touching up is done after like five years. For microblading, there is the use of a pigment which only penetrates superficially into the skin, this pigment doesn’t change in color when it fades, it only drops the intensity of the original color, one wouldn’t even realize easily. You should really consider this when you want to chose between these two methods.

  • Cost

Well, we will all want to check on the cost of these two methods, checking on the overall cost, you will relive that microblading will be a little bit ore pricy than  the permanent makeup method, this is because; there is regular replacement of the pigment when it fades off some tame, maybe one or two years. While for the permanent, it can take up to five years before a person does touching if it was done correctly by a person with permanent makeup training, this makes is cheaper.

To sum this up, there is great importance to be so critical when you want to choose between these two methods, check on the naturality, I mean, how natural do you want your look to be, the second thing you should keep in mind is how long is the makeup going to stay on your eyebrow, this is important too because whatever you choose will affect you for quite a long time, are you good with permanent or do you need just a semi permanent one, another thing you should be keen on is the pain that might be involved in the process, you probably know if your skin is more sensitive to pain or less sensitive, this will help you to go for the right method that won’t make you uncomfortable.