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Do I need PMU training and is it helpful?

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July 24, 2019
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August 7, 2019

PMU or permanent makeup is a newly developed technique in the field of makeup. It is a time-saving alternative to the hassle of having to apply makeup everyday. It can ensure that you look fabulous even after a dip in the pool or a windy ride in a convertible with the top down. Permanent makeup is the innovative technology that implants hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the layers of the skin. Using pigments and an ultra-thin needle the shape of the lips, eyes, and eyebrows can be enhanced. This technique can be used on all skin types and give them the look they want.


What are the techniques I’ll learn?

The basic courses on PMU will cover the following techniques

  • Correct brow shaping: This technique will teach you how to suitably choose a brow shape that will suit the client.
  • Microshading: In this technique, hair-like strokes are carved into the skin, this helps shape the brows.
  • Producing hair strokes with a machine: Learning how to use the PMU machine and safety precautions you need to take.
  • Powder-Ombre brows: This is a technique that produces browns that look more natural.
  • Microblading
  • Micropigmentation
  • Learning how to combine various techniques

Below we discuss the two most prominent techniques that are used



It is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that uses ultra-thin blades and pigments to create the illusion of having a fuller eyebrow. They use these tiny blades to manually deposit pigments on the skin. Microblading is used to alter the shape and color of the eyebrows. The pigment is not inserted as deep as traditional tattoo techniques, so they tend to fade earlier. Oily skin is especially susceptible to fading of the pigments. The products you use and the lifestyle you live in also contribute to the period that it lasts. Typically they last between one to three years. There are many schools that teach this technique, this course usually takes three to four days.



Instead of using a blade to slice the skin, this technique uses ultra-thin needles to implant mineral pigments into the skin. This technique can give you subtle improvements to your shape and definition to enhance your looks. This procedure is painless for the most part and will only take up three to four hours of your time. It is recommended that you take a top-up appointment in four to six weeks to boost your color and get any issues you have rectified


Why permanent makeup?

  • It can boost self-confidence
  • Saves the time you spend every day applying makeup.
  • Since the pigments are hypoallergenic, it is especially suitable for people who develop allergic responses to regular makeup.
  • It is smudge-free and will last many years
  • Helpful for people who are inactive sports, as your makeup won’t get smudged while actively moving.
  • Techniques like micro pigmentation are extremely painless.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • It can provide a natural, intense or soft look; thus anything you desire can be made into reality.
  • While the procedure is not cheap, you will save money on the beauty products you buy to apply every day and also save your ever so precious time from the need to apply a layer of makeup everyday.


Where are PMU techniques mostly used?

While the PMU techniques can be used to enhance the scalp, the makeup industry mainly uses it to improve the following parts



Using PMU you will be able to choose the color of your liking from an extremely large palette of colors. The color could be a naturally beautiful tone to a flashy tone that will grab the attention of everyone around. This technique will also blend your natural tone with the pigment in the outline of your lips to give you a natural pout. Once it’s completed you will have flawless lips and won’t ever need lipstick again. This saves you from lipstick bleeds and the need to top up your lipstick throughout the day. The color is constant and you could do eat and kiss without worrying about what will happen to your lips. This technique could be used to cover lips scars and loss of lip color.



Physical activities like exercising and swimming are the doom for eyeliners. They tend to smudge and get ruined as the day goes on. Permanent makeup lets you move on from these issues. It can give you thicker and well-defined eyelashes that don’t fade out by the end of the day. What shape and look your eyebrows should have will be completely up to you. In the end, your eyelids will be able to improve the expressiveness of your eyes.



Eyebrows are extremely important in defining your facial features. A perfectly arched eyebrow makes you look younger. PMU can help you achieve this. A few people will have thin eyebrows due to repeated tweezing and threading over the years. PMU can help restore the fullness of your eyebrows and give you the shape you want. The ability to choose the color of your eyebrows can help you grab the attention of the crowd with eyebrows that complement your skin tone. Thus you will be able to wake up in perfect eyebrows every day without having the need to spend your precious time every day improving the arch and outline.



clients tend to spend a lot of time every day in getting the makeup just right, even then there are a few days where we just cannot seem to get it right no matter what we try. By using permanent makeup technique they don’t have to worry about that every day. they can have perfect eyebrows and lips throughout the day without having to need to touch up every few hours. Even if clients take part in intense physical activities you will look fabulous and smudge-free. Thus it could be the technique that can grab you a lot of customers and help improve your revenue.