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All you need to know about Microblading

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April 10, 2019
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All you need to know about Microblading

What is microblading?

Microblading is a technique used in eyebrow makeup which makes use of several small needles to put pigment on the eyebrows that looks like hair. The hair strokes are semi permanent unlike tattoos which are permanent. The hair strokes created by this method look so natural.

How is microblading different from eyebrow tattooing?

  • Neutrality

When you do a comparison between microbalding and eyebrow tattooing in terms of the final look, you will realize that microblading technique brings a more natural outlook than eyebrow tattooing. This is because in microblading technique the pigment put on the eyebrows in form of hair strokes can be created to resemble the very natural hair, one cannot even notice if it is not your natural eyebrows. For the tattooing, the ink cannot be manipulated to resemble natural eyebrows.

  • Durability

Durability here we are talking about whether it is permanent or not. For tattoos, they are permanent, compare to microblading which is semi-permanent. Microblading pigment may just last for just between six months to three years. The permanent effect in tattooing is realized because of the ink used, the ink penetrates through the skin making it difficult to fade away, and as a result you cannot change the design of the eyebrow unlike in microblading where you can change the design to a more desired one when the current one comes off.

  • Products used.

There is a difference between microblading and eyebrow tattooing when it comes to what is used to bring the looks on the eyebrows. Tattooing as always, makes use of ink to put the color on the eyebrows while microblading uses the pigment to put color on the eyebrows. The ink used penetrates the skin making it permanent while in microblading, the pigment is deposited on the very superficial parts of the skin hence making it semi permanent.

  • Pain

When you think about pain you can feel when going through these two methods, you will realize that tattooing can be more painful than microblading because microblading involves numbing the skin on the eyebrows before it is done, unlike tattooing where no such thing is done.

What should you avoid before going for microblading?

  • You should not use facial treatments or chemical peels before going for microblading procedure, this might bring complications to the procedure, and in fact it is advisable that you stay away from these treatments for about three weeks before you go for this procedure.
  • Avoid getting your eyebrows into contact with water for one week before going for this procedure, this means that if you will have to wash your face you should use a method that should not get water close to the eyebrows.
  • Avoid using alcohol or even drinks that have caffeine on the very day you are going for the procedure just to make sure that the procedure is safely done.
  • You should no pluck or wax your eyebrows before going for microblading, it is advisable that you shouldn’t get involved in this at least two days prior to the procedure.
  • Don’t tint your eyebrows before going for the procedure.
  • Also you should avoid taking very strong painkillers before you go for the procedure, this will have an effect on the numbing process that is done before the procedure begin, it may not work effectively. However this is different on different people.

Risks that might be involved

Well, just like everything, this procedure too might have some involved risks that you should be aware of just before you dive into it. However, a well qualified esthetician who has PMU training should make you aware of these risks to help you make a decision if you wish to continue or not before they start working on you. These risks can however be avoided if the right procedures are followed. Some of these risks are;

  • Allergic reactions

If you are going for this procedure, you should know that you might just be allergic to it, especially the organic pigment that is used to make hair strokes. To get the solution of this, you should make an inquiry from your esthetician on how to find out if you are allergic to one, and what you can do in case you are.

  • When removing.

To start with, you realize that microblading pigment fixed to the eyebrows is not permanent, which means that one day it will have to be removed. There is no risk in removal if the procedure was done in a correct way and by an esthetician with PMU training. However if the process was done hurriedly by a technician who is not qualifies who may end up using ink meant for tattooing and not the organic pigment required, this will have a big risk when it comes to removal hence you should be very careful when dealing with this kind of procedure when it is done on you.

  • It can bring infection.

Microblading uses small needles to put pigment on the eyebrows, for this reason, we cannot rule out the possibility that there might be some infections that might come along with it. You should note though that, infections can only arise if the procedure is not followed correctly. Some of the common infections might be; HIV AIDS infection and other skin infections (mainly blood transfusion related) if the sterility of the needles is considered very well, there can never be such effects, but if it is neglected, there can be an infection from one person to another.

To sum up this, the first thing is to find an esthetician who is qualified with PMU training for your health purposes, the second thing is that you should inquire about everything that is taking place, and finally always get aware of the risks that are involved.